What if we told you that most of what you know about changing behaviour is wrong?

We get more information from what happens before and after a behaviour occurs than we do from the actual behaviour.

And this is the part most people miss.

Science helps us understand how behaviour works.  Kindness guides our choices, our actions, and how we respond to those around us.

We provide tools for people who want to make compassionate choices that improve their own behaviour and their relationships.


Meet Kirsten

Kirsten has spent over 15 years helping people use behaviour science to improve themselves and their relationships.  She listens, finds out what the problem REALLY is and then develops customized solutions that work.  If you have always thought there was a better way to work with the people and dogs in your life, then you’ll want the tools Kirsten is offering.

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Meet Adriane

Adriane takes the solutions that Kirsten develops and makes them easy to apply consistently in every day life so that they are fun to implement.  Are you a parent?  Then she gets what you are going through and can help.

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