Welcome to Kindred Connection

Hi! Welcome to Kindred Connection.  This is the place where science meets kindness.

If you have ever struggled with improving behaviour, either your own or from those around you, then you are in the right place.  Too often we make life more difficult and complicated than it needs to be.  This shows up in our relationships with others.  Our relationships become adversarial, confrontational, and are punctuated by an ongoing struggle for power.  Kindred Connection is about knowing that life and your relationships can be easy, simple, co-operative, happy, and successful. How can something so simple be so effective?  Easy.  All animals, including humans, do what works.

The science of behaviour analysis has proven this time and time again, without exception.  An simple example is this:  if choosing to sit or lay down is followed by a chest rub or a piece of kibble, your dog will do it again.  It is so much easier to let those around us know what behaviours we like than it is to correct or discourage behaviours that are dangerous or annoying.  This is simply the most natural way of learning.  This is how nature has designed the success and failure of every species, including our own.  And for millions of years, nature has not been wrong.

If you are here because you are struggling with behaviour, we can help.  If you are here because you want to continue to improve your relationships, we can help.  If you are here because you want to make the world around you a little bit better, we can help.